Anglicans don’t have any unique beliefs that set them apart from other kinds of churches. Our central beliefs are the same as those of all Christians. What makes Anglicans unique is their particular history and heritage as well as an attempt to understand God’s story by balancing the use of the Bible, the best insights of human reason and the wisdom and experiences of our predecessors in the Christian faith. More information can be found here "What we believe and do."



About Us


 Want to learn about us?  This is a great place to start.  Under the "About us" tab you will find a drop-down menu containing links to our worship services page,​ events calendar,​ ministry page, parish history, staff profiles, and also baptisms, weddings and funerals. Give us a call if you have any lingering questions.

Welcome To St Thomas Anglican Church

 Hello, and welcome to our website for St. Thomas Anglican church. Thank you so much for visiting! We are a strong community formed around worship of God and fellowship with one another and the greater community of Sherwood Park.

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