Information about baptism, weddings, and funerals






Baptism is the beginning of a person’s new life with Jesus Christ. The service of baptism is an ancient ritual in which water is poured over a person’s head in the name of the Holy Trinity. Christians have always understood baptism as having tremendous and wonderful spiritual significance. In it we believe that we are spiritually reborn; we have all of our sins and failures washed away; and we are connected to Jesus at the deepest levels of our souls. In baptism we are committing our life to Jesus, to follow him, to proclaim the good news. If we receive baptism as an adult or older child we are saying that we believe in Jesus, that we are thankful for his gift of salvation and that we want to spend the rest of our lives following him, learning from him and being in community with other Christians. If you are a parent bringing a child forward for baptism you are saying that you are a committed Christian and that you want to give the Gospel of Jesus to your child and raise them in the community of believers.

At St. Thomas we normally have baptisms about four times a year centered around some of the central Christian celebrations, in January, April, June and November. If you would be interested in baptism for you or for your child we would encourage you to start worshipping with us and to speak to one of the priests at the service. We look forward to talking with you.







Christian Marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman which is a gift of God and for the couple’s mutual comfort and help.

If you would like to celebrate your marriage at St. Thomas please call the church office for more specific information. However, there are some frequently asked questions that we can answer here. We are a liturgical church and have a set service for weddings. We also require at least sixty days notice for the wedding. And couples coming forward for marriage agree to attend a course of wedding preparation. We believe in the old adage that the wedding is for a day, but the marriage is for a lifetime and so we spend time not just preparing for the wedding day but also for the marriage itself. Also, there are costs associated with using the church, engaging the organist or other musicians and so on. Again, feel free to call us for specific information.






Funerals are always difficult, but they are important as a way of allowing family and friends to say good bye to someone the loved, to remember and celebrate their life, and to pray and commit them to the love and mercy of God.

If you would like to talk about a funeral at St. Thomas, please call the church office.

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